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 HMS Belfast Association  

Celebrating 75 years 
so far this year... 
Over in Belfast Weekend 15th to 18th March 
A number of Association members flew to Belfast to mark the Anniversary with social events and a visit to the War Memorial Museum. 
Visits to Belfast Cathedral on the Sunday at 10.00am followed by viewing the St Patricks Day parade from City Hall. 
If any Association members would like to share pictures or experiences of these,or past, events please contact the Association
2014 Annual General Meeting and Reunion 
The 16th Annual General Meeting of the HMS Belfast Association will be held in the Ship’s Company Dining Hall on board HMS Belfast on Saturday 15th March 2014 starting at 1230. All Members are encouraged to attend this Meeting as it is where the running of, and the future of the Association is planned. 
It is very important that if you are intending to come to the AGM, that you inform Arnold Reed so that he can accommodate you with a ‘Tot of Rum’ and some refreshments. See the ‘Seahorse’ for full details. 
2014 Trafalgar Lunch - Bristol 
This Lunch has proved over the years to be very popular, especially with members living in the South West. It is held in the Wardroom of HMS Flying Fox, the local RNR Headquarters in Bristol. There is a limit of around forty, there is normally two free Raffles for some very nice paintings/prints and a talk on some aspect of ‘The Battle of Trafalgar’. The Lunch in 2014 will be held on Wednesday 22nd October, watch for details in the ‘Seahorse’ and get your bid in ASAP. 
Coming Up 
18th October 2014 
The Trafalgar night dinner 
The ever popular Trafalgar Night Dinner will once again be held on board the ship on Saturday 18th October 2014. Once again, this is a very popular and historic event, tickets for it are normally in great demand, if you wish to attend this Dinner, please contact Arnold Reed, also see further details in the ‘Seahorse’. 
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