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 HMS Belfast Association  

Celebrating 76 years 
so far this year... 
The Ships new Wheelchair 
At the 2014 AGM, one of the ships wheelchairs was used to bring our President, Admiral Jim from his car to the AGM, afterwards it was remarked that how old and dilapidated the wheelchair was. It was then decided to make enquiries of the cost of a replacement wheelchair for the ship. 
Prices were sought and after some deliberations, a new type of wheelchair was decided on and duly purchased. A suitable inscription was attached to the chair to indicate who had purchased it and donated to the ship for general use. 
At the July Association Committee Meeting, the new Wheelchair was presented to the ship who were very pleased to have it and ready for use, they duly thanked the Association for their generous and most useful gift. 
If any Association members would like to share pictures or experiences of these,or past, events please contact the Association
2014 Trafalgar Lunch - Bristol 
The Trafalgar Lunch was once again held at HMS Flying Fox, the local RNR Headquarters in Bristol. Forty plus members, including Merchant 
Navy and RFA members attended what was a most enjoyable Lunch. There was a most interesting look at the history of the Battle of Trafalgar 
explained, plus a free raffle was held for two excellent prints. We must thank John Shore who has for the last six years organised this most 
enjoyable and successful event, he is now stepping down from the roll of organiser, but the Trafalgar Lunch will continue next year when it will 
be held on Wednesday 21st October 2015, which just happens to be 'Trafalgar Day' itself, so put the date in your diary and make sure to book 
up as soon as possible when the details are announced in the Spring edition of the 'Seahorse' and on the website, places do go very quickly. 
coming up... 
2015 Annual General Meeting and Reunion 
The 17th Annual General Meeting and Reunion of the HMS Belfast Association will be held on Saturday 14th March 2015 in the Ship’s Company Dining Hall on board HMS Belfast commencing at 1230. All Members are encouraged to attend this Meeting as it is where the running of, and the future of the Association is planned. 
It is very important that if you intend coming to the AGM, that you inform Wally Filby the Association Administrator so that he can accommodate you with a ‘Tot of Rum’ and some refreshments. See the Spring edition of the ‘Seahorse’ for full details. 
17th October 2015 
The Trafalgar night dinner 
The ever popular Trafalgar Night Dinner will once again be held on board the ship in October 2015. Once again, this is a very popular and historic event, tickets for it are normally in great demand, if you wish to attend this Dinner, please contact Arnold Reed using the form below, also see further details in the ‘Seahorse’. 
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